About Us

Jewels in Paradisë was founded by Anju & Dinesh Wadhwani in 2003. They've had many stores on the island, but currently there are two locations, Jewels in Paradise at The Ritz-Carlton and Jewels in Paradise at Palm Beach Plaza Mall. We are known for our great prices, topnotch quality and uniqueness. Jewels in Paradise has recently become a GIA Listed Store, in fact the only GIA listed store on the island!

Dinesh is a certified Gemologist. Gemstones and semi precious stones are Dinesh's favorite. He sources the stones and Anju gets the design going. All of our pieces are made it Italy.  and our diamonds are cut and polished in Antwerp, Belgium.

We know trust plays a huge factor, this is why we have lifetime warranty on all our pieces.If anything does happen, we have a service center in New York.

All you have to do is contact us, we’ll fix it and send it right back. With every purchase you get a certified appraisal from us and from a different company in New York. And If you would like a GIA or AGL we can do that as well.

Jewels in Paradise also appreciates work of others, such as: Dada Arrigoni, Stefan Hafner, Io Si Scavia Italian Jewelry and Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.